Monday, April 25, 2011

Knitting News

Its Easter and right before Finals so I haven't been able to knit to much, but I have been getting e-mails back form some of my buyers and they have all been more than positive, one even wants to order some more!!! My favorite would have to be from my friend Steff who got a little pink bow for her little cousin for Easter! On Easter morning I got the cutes text from her saying how much her little cousin loved it then she sent me this pick(sorry about the quality people, but its from a text) 
                                                         It's so sweet, I'm glad she likes it!!

In other Knitting News, my rabbit Rorschach loves to knit! Or just chew on the bag I keep some yarn in ether way its great!
Rorschach is so bad/Cute/sweet/bad!!!!