Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Done! For Now.

I am finally done with Finals!! I'm so HAPPY! Now all I have to do is sell my books back, get these kids moved out of the Dorm, close the dorm down for summer, go to a meeting about my trip to China (I leave on the 28 and get back on the 2nd of June, get ready for picturs from my trip!!!), move all my stuff out of the dorm and drive home!!! I'm going to go see my baby rabbit Rorschach and pick up my Mint To Be lipstick  from Andrew(cant forget the mass snuggling of both Andrew and the Bunny)! After all that I have to draft up a 12 page paper and its outline that is due on the 17 for my six hour credit for the China trip and buy The Protoman Ticket, but I will be home! I can hug my pets and my family, bake, and get a damn hair cut(I look like a shaggy dog).

So as you can see my Knitting has been moved to the side for a bit!
But don't worry I'll get on it as soon as I can, maybe a little bit tonight and take some picks to show ya'll later on today or early tomorrow.....maybe.

For now look at this picture of me and my very first pet and one true love Smut the Cat.
 This is Smut many moons later after my little bro and sis were born(Thats them in the pick) he got a bit chubby!