Thursday, May 5, 2011

Knitting News

Its been a long week of studding for finals so I really haven't gotten very far on my big knitting project, but I have been working on it. Here are some photos of what I've got done so far.

This is my messy work station, Oh how I long for a craft room.

 I really want to diversify my product line before I setup and Esty store. So This project and many more over the summer will be to that end. Its going to be a crazy summer. I'm going to China for a week, working two jobs, doing two online summer classes, going to a Protoman concert, and working on a knitwear line. Sounds supper fun right? Well it douse to me anyway!!

Also in Cute News

My debit card got me the Mint-To-Be from Lime Crime! Look at it! So me! I love everything Mint! Ice-cream, chap stick, eye liner, soap(in fact I still have the Revlon Minted nail polish on).  I'm a little crazy, but people I know put up with it and my friends love me anyway!