Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knitting News

I am knitting but not very quickly, The sad truth is that I just have a lot of stuff going on. This BIG red bow is heading off into the big world today and my projects is still going on strong. I really wish I had my own apartment and wasn't living like a nomad(but if I did I would just want to be on the move all the time) so I could have a craft room. I had to put my sewing machine in storage because of this moving thing I do.  I just need a creative space, Its been quite a wile since I've drawn anything and even longer since I've been able to paint. Thats not like me at all! I was excepted into art school for gods sake(Not that I wanted to go to art school or anything)! Oh well I'll just have to give it a few years.

I will just have to make do with something like this! look how crazy cute!!!
I found it at thats sadly the most credit I can give this Photo.