Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Protomen and The K.I.L.R.O.Y. Mafia

I'm surprised that I haven't blogged about it before but I Love The Protomen it's pretty much the most awesome band based on a video game ever. The first time we when to one of their concerts Andrew made a Megaman helmet and the band was kind enough to sign it for him. Then on Monday Andrew, Matt, Chase and I when to see them play at One Eyed Jacks. Andrew, being a great person and very understanding boyfriend, knew about my undying love for K.I.L.R.O.Y. and got us all masks. The man himself saw us with them outside of the bar and he seemed to think it was cool and had the camera man film us. We will just have to see if they put us in the band's documentary. After the concert he was very nice and signed our masks,and took a photo with us. So now we're the K.I.L.R.O.Y. Mafia. If anyone wants to know more about the band you can go to Trust me its good.

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Andrew and I are on the Left