Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rorschach The Rabbit

Rorschach has really developed a personality lately. If you would have told me a year ago that rabbits were intelligent I would have though you were joking, but after seeing him run to get his treats when his treat bag is shaken I'm a believer. He and the cats have also formed a friendship of sorts. If you haven't been reading my Blog your should go check out this post about him walking on a leash its very cute. 

His name comes for the fact that his spots are symmetrical.
Rider really loves sitting with Rorschach and trying to eat his hay. That cat eats everything. 
Andrew petting Rorschach. So sweet!


Shayla said...

Rorschach the rabbit! That is genius! I wish I would have came up with that for my speckled rabbit!

Kylie The Awesome said...

I've been wanting a rabbit for a little while now, but I am a cat owner too and worried how my cat will get along with the rabbit. I'm worried my cat (called Ferris) who is an indoor/outdoor cat, would try and kill the rabbit.

Knitting Nebula said...

Hi Kylie, I was worried about that to when I first got Rorschach home. We kept them apart for a few weeks. When we were home we would let one of the cats into the rabbit room so that they could smell each other. We never let them near each other unless we were in the room. Then once they were calm around one another we started letting them hang out more. I think its also a good idea to get a boy rabbit. They are more aggressive, so they can stand up to a cat. Sometimes Rider will swat at Rorschach's ears and tail, Rorschach hates that and will thump his back leg and head but the cat until he stops. It really just depends on the temperament of both animals and the introduction overtime.