Saturday, June 4, 2011

There and Back Again! China

As Most of ya'll know I just got home from China, and man I loved it!! It was so much fun! The Crazy food, shopping, the night life!Beijing and Hong Kong were the most amazing places!   I'm still getting use to being able to read road sings and knowing exactly what it is I'm eating.  I wish the trip could have lasted longer but its time for me to get back and start working on classes, jobs, and knitting. 

Going out in China was the best! The dance floor is the size of a kitchen table when white girls start dancing every body cheers! I thought some Chines kids to do the fist pump, and when I put my hands in the air and yelled everyone looked at me for a mint then everyone in the whole damn club put there hands in the air and yelled! It was so funny!

 The food in china was so yummy! and yes I did eat that fish....and I liked it!

This red bull didn't even have a kick to it. I was so sad.

Dumplings. That is all.

You could pick out the fish you wanted to eat!

Our hotels ranged from ok to amazing then from amazing to amazingly cool yet tiny. The Hotel in Hong Kong was so small, But oh god the view.

Just look at the view! 

I did not eat snake!!! I just couldn't!
 The reason there are so few pandas is because they are so damn lazy! I mean come on! Get up and put on a mix tape you lazy bear, then maybe the lady bears would like you.

 Yep thats a before and after photo. 
This was the most amazing thing I have eaten in a long time! It was sweet and just the right texture! I died!

 Look how damn cute this tea cup was ( I love tea, so being in China I had as much as I could get.
 New stuffed animal! He is a Red Panda named Dumpling! 

 Apparently my size is small even in China, I only got 2 pair of shoes. Its really rather sad.
 More Ovaltine Please!!!
Tiananmen square, there were so many cops there it was a little scary

 The Forbidden City was so....big. 

 It stormed when we were at the great wall, Dr. Mao and I got stuck up on top and had to wait out the lightning befor we could come down.

The Love tree.

 The Bee Boxes were so pretty!
Moon Mountain 
I had a really good time in Chain! I got some really cute close, ate some great food, meet some amazing people and now have the worst jet lag in the world.