Monday, July 4, 2011

Tea Time

I love Coffee but there is a place in my heart just for tea. I have been going to Tea Houses with my Granny since I was four. When I was younger it was the pretty tea cups, dressing up and the cake that I loved(its still about the cake), but now its about spending time with my Granny doing something we both love.
I had the Lady Londonderry Tea.
 It's a Black tea with hints of strawberry and lemon. Perfect for summer!
Oh your Majesty! How nice of you to stop in! 
Do have so Tea with us! 
We had one of my very favorite sandwiches with our tea. Cucumber cream cheese! Its so good, My Granny use to make it to pack in my lunches and for my tea parties I would have at home just for my stuffed animals. I still love it!