Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm a horrible blogger!! Sob! Cry! Moan!

I have a lot on my plate right now...not an excuse just the truth. So let me do a little run through of the big happenings in my life as of last post.

I Got a job at my college radio station, Marine family day, Katie Perry concert, became VP of The Science fiction, fantasy, and creative anachronism student org. (god that's a long name), had a Tie-Dye Party and a Luau for the Dorm I work at as an RA, picked persimmons(off a tree in the middle of the campus late at night, so as not to be seen), 3 tests in the same week(I got a (90% A, 87%B and and 83%B DAMN RIGHT), worked many overnight shifts form 4am-8am, and today I'm helping put on a concert for the Radio Station(Tower Octavia is Playing),Parting with my friends in New Orleans(yes I have a social life), and some custom knitting  orders for new born babies.


Radio Station

Marine family day

 Tie-Dye Party

 Hands stained from Tie-Dye

Chalking to let people know about Tie-Dye

Stolen Persimmons(photo taken as plan was conceived in daylight hours)

Me being sad as I study(sorta) for 3 big tests....Maybe about 5am when take

Coffee that got me through many a night shift

 Party with friends in New Orleans

 Coffee for the morning after parting

New Orleans

 got a Katie Perry concert T-shirt for my sister, it was horrible stupidly expensive 

Saw cute little pool with island in the middle!!!

I'm tired just thinking about all the stuff I've been doing, or maybe its because I wrote this at 8am after a 4-8am morning shift. What ever, Sleep is for the dead. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knitting News and the Little Yarn Stash

Well the Etsy shop was finally set up last week! Thank god! 
I'm Just glad to have it up. But now I have a tun of tests coming up so I'm going to be knitting all the stress away. Hopefully. 
I Just love yarn! It's so soft and full of potential.

Right now I'm working on the big bows for these pink, green and black hats.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knitting News!! Etsy Shop!

I opened my Etsy Shop! GO SEE!! I feel like I have finally acomplished something.

 My friend K knits the cute hats and I knit the bows.